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I have been taking pictures for almost 60 years. I started at the age of nine with a Baby Brownie Special.  As a teenager my first 35mm camera was a Bolsey B.  I built a darkroom in the basement of my home and spent many hours printing and enlarging B&W photos.  In 2000, I bought my first digital camera and have enjoyed “developing” pictures on the computer rather in the darkroom.  For my first 50 years with a camera, I was just taking snapshots.


During the past decade I have had the good fortune to combine two of my favorite activities - foreign travel and photography.  My love of travel started in 1960 after graduating from college when I spent six months in Europe with the help of the book “Europe on $5 a Day”.


When I retired in 2008, I joined a photography workshop in the American Southwest.  That experience ignited a flame in me to become more serious about photography.  Over the past several years I have traveled to many out of the way places including the Antarctic Peninsula, Bali, Borneo, Cuba, Falkland Islands, Iceland, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Myanmar, Nepal, Romania, South Africa, South Georgia, Tibet and Uganda, where I especially enjoy taking pictures of people.  More recently I have been focusing on landscape and wildlife photography.

In 2016 eight Raleigh-Durham-Chapel photographers, including myself, formed "The Image Salon" meeting monthly for critiquing our works. Shortly after TIS started exhibiting in our area.  

Juried Exhibitions

2017 Cary Photographic Arts Exhibition

Cary NC

2016 Click! Pop Up Exhibit

Research Triangle Park NC

2015 FRANK Community Outreach Gallery, Frank Gallery, Chapel Hill


2018 People Choice Award- "The Look"

Will Grossman Memorial Exhibit

Through This Lens Gallery, Durham NC 

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